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About Us

Welcome to Easy Vegan Grub, a website we created to bring you simple, affordable and sustainable plant-based recipes. Our names are Alex and Katherine, and we are much like any other food-loving couple, we go to restaurants, check out the local food trucks, eat takeaway, love to home cook of course, and above all have a passion for good food. The only thing that might set the two of us apart from our fellow foodies is that since 2017, we switched up the way we cook and eat, beginning our adventure into removing animal products from the meals on our table.

Choosing to eat vegan food though doesn’t make what comes out of our kitchen now any less delicious than the meals we used to eat, nor does it mean it’s any harder to cook. We shop in the same big-name high-street supermarkets, we still support the same local food shops, and we aren’t subscribed to any meal plan services. While our home in the UK has some of the global hotspots for plant-based restaurants in places like London and Brighton, we began to find our feet for veganism while living Houston, Texas. This was a great way to start out because the stores there don’t sell jars of vegan white sauce, or egg alternatives. It taught us to always cook from the base ingredients, giving us an insight into new techniques and ways to create familiar flavours.

We returned to the UK after becoming the lucky parents to one amazing high-energy little boy, and as we write this we have another on the way. We do also have careers though, which frequently require additional hours, so it’s safe to say that we don’t always have the privilege of free hours on the weekdays to prepare those exploratory meals, search the aisles for exotic spices from faraway lands, or produce our own pasta. We feel that the plant-based diet ought to be accessible to everyone and that being vegan should be easy. Every single one of our dishes has been designed to be big on flavour, lean on ingredients and light on your time. We believe in the choice to eat consciously, and we are passionate about allowing everybody to have great-tasting plant-based food on their table.

Picture of Alex and Katherine.

It is such an interesting time to be a vegan right now. Every day there are new pioneering companies who are producing some great-tasting plant-based foods, from protein alternatives to sauces and even ready meals, your local supermarket shelves are being stocked up with more and more delicious vegan grub. Almost without fail every time we go food shopping we find something new, and stand there in the aisles constructing so many new recipe ideas from this one new, exciting, tasty-looking product. And a lot of the time, this is how our recipes are born, from discovering the perfect mince replacement for a cottage pie or finding the right egg substitute to cook the perfect crepes.

So stick with us, check out all we have to offer and let us show you how easy being vegan really is. We will introduce you to some great new flavours, show you how to cook good food while not spending so long in the kitchen, and keep that shopping list from costing you more than it should. You can find all of our best recipes right here on easyvegan.com, sign up to our mailing list for a free digital gift, and so we can keep in touch with all our upcoming recipes too. Let’s keep it simple, affordable and sustainable.

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