We’ve collected together a few of our favorite vegan potato recipes. They all use simple wholesome ingredients and easy cooking methods. From boiled to baked, mashed and chopped, we’ve tried to select a few unique styles. Every one of these will make the perfect side dish and be a big hit with the family or any dinner party. So if you’re after some new ideas for some easy vegan potato recipes then read on.


Our mustard mashed potatoes are one of our best vegan potato recipes. If you use the right type of potato and cooking method you’ll have the perfect creamy texture and a delicious flavor to your mustard mash. Perfect as a tasty side dish to a roast dinner, or another of our favourite family meals such as bangers and mash or a vegan shepherd’s pie (you can find our full recipe for our shepherd’s pie right here).


1/2 kg King Edward or Maris Piper potatoes

Fine salt to season water

50 g vegan butter

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

Mustard Mashed Potatoes


  1. Peel and chop the potatoes into cubes. Then over high heat, place a saucepan large enough for the potatoes and enough water to cover them.
  2. Season the water with a sprinkle of salt and bring it to a boil, then turn the heat down slightly, closer to medium heat and let the water continue to bubble, cooking the potatoes for around 20 minutes. Don’t let the water level drop too low, no potatoes should be exposed. You can check to see if they’re ready by poking one with a sharp knife. If the potato just falls straight off the knife then it’s soft and they’re ready, whereas if they’re still slightly raw on the inside it will hold onto the knife and need a bit longer.
  3. Using a colander, drain the potatoes from the pan and let them steam dry in the colander for just a couple of minutes. Return the potatoes to the pan you boiled them in, and then add the butter and wholegrain mustard.
  4. Set the pan over a very low heat, then with a potato masher, mash your potatoes until they’re smooth. The low heat will help to steam out some more moisture giving a fluffier texture to your mustard mash. Once mashed smooth you can turn off the heat, and sit the lid or a plate on top to keep them warm until you’re ready to serve up. Looks great garnished with some fresh herbs.


Creamy vegan potato salad with mayonnaise, pickle and diced celery.

Occasionally we enjoy having what we call a picnic meal. Essentially, we gather up a load of tasty finger foods, salads and snacks and create a delicious-looking spread, which we normally can’t finish building before we are already halfway through eating it.

One regular dish that’s a perfect addition to this summer-style feast is an easy recipe for vegan potato salad. If the ingredients list needed to make this recipe for vegan potato salad doesn’t seem like a lot, you would be right. This is a side dish, regardless of how tasty this is, it should be something that you can make with one hand while juggling an assortment of other kitchen utensils required to make your chosen main dishes.


1 kg bag of baby potatoes (or other waxy varieties like a red potatoes)

125 g of mini gherkins

2 sticks of celery

250 ml jar of vegan mayonnaise

Ground rock salt and peppercorns (season to taste)


  1. So where should start when making a potato salad? You should start with the potatoes. No peeling is required, pick a pile of your favorite potatoes, give them a rinse, and throw them into a pan of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. You don’t want to over-boil them, they will end up too soft and sort of disintegrate when you are mixing all your ingredients later. Just take one out of the water after 10 minutes, slice it in half and check that it’s cooked through
  2. Drain them all into a colander once you are content with how they’re cooked, and then cut them up into quarters. Set them to one side and grab a few pickles (unless you bought a jar of those mini ones, which is fine, you will just want a handful). Dice them up into fine little cubes and set them aside with your potatoes. Last bit of food prep, rinse the celery sticks and chop them into small pieces, each no more than about half a cm thick.
  3. Finally, let’s mix all this deliciousness, all of your veggies with a few spoonfuls of vegan mayonnaise, cracks of rock salt and about half as much pepper. You can adjust the consistency and flavour to your preference here too. We like to use too much mayo, and we know it’s not that healthy, but it’s tasty, and in this recipe, potato is followed by the word salad.
  4. If you want some extra tang, but without the crunch, then just add some of the pickle juice from the jar a spoon at a time, remix your salad and have another taste, and you’ll have the perfect simple side dish.


Golden and crispy jacket potato

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Just cook a potato. Despite being an incredibly versatile vegetable, and rightly loved by all, it is not a meal in its own right. However, this tasty root vegetable is the foundation for so many low-priced and simple family dinner recipes. One of which we included in our free Week of Easy Vegan Food Guide, which you can get if you join our mailing list today.

Our tried and tested delicious way to cook these spuds will make sure that you’ll have crispy skins, fluffy centres and flavour-packed baked potatoes, that will be ready for you to throw on your favourite toppings and get to the eating. Just get yourself some good-sized baking potatoes, a bottle of olive oil (not extra virgin, to avoid that bitterness), rock salt and black pepper for grinding to season, and you’ll have everything you need to make one of the comfort food classics.


  1. You need to get your oven hot, we mean hotter than you have ever had it…probably. Trust us on this, it’s a sure way to make certain you end up with some nice and crispy potatoes. Set it to 250°C / 230°C Fan / 480°F / Gas Mark 9 and pick out your potatoes, give them a quick rinse and then pierce them a few times randomly with a fork, knife or whatever pointy utensil you come across first.
  2. Set your potatoes onto a rack with a baking tray beneath them, keeping them off of the baking tray like this will make sure they cook nice and evenly (you can put down a piece of baking sheet beneath the rack as well, this will help clean up by catching some oil drops).
  3. Let them cook for 25 minutes to start with, then take them back out and prepare a bowl with a few tablespoons of olive oil and rock salt. Grab a brush and coat all of your potatoes with a little oil, or if you don’t have a brush to hand you can play a game of hot potato and roll them around in the bowl.
  4. Round two. Place your steadily crisping potatoes back into the oven for a further 25 minutes, still at 250°C / 230°C Fan / 480°F / Gas Mark 9. They are done when you decide if it takes longer to get that crispy golden brown finish that you want, so be it. Just for reference though, we don’t recall cooking them for longer than 55 minutes in total.
  5. Once they’re ready, use a sharp knife to cut open each potato length-ways, but not in half, just enough to squeeze them and open them up like a boat. This is where we would recommend you grab a fork and a knob of butter and fluff up all that soft, piping hot centre, and if it suits your chosen topping, mix in some grated vegan cheese too.

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